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Jens Asthoff

Interstices in reality
published in the catalogue  „Hector Kunstpreis 2006“, Kunsthalle Mannheim, Revolver Verlag 2007  ISBN 978-3-86588-381-0 » www.revolververlag.de

"Amorphous growth on the ceilings and in corners that somehow resemble rows of mussels shimmering silver or grotesquely large fungi. At first glance, this seems nature-like, if not necessarily natural. It is as if one had been beamed through an electron microscope to another level of perception. ..."



Jens Asthoff

Monograph at the Kunstforum Magazine,

p. 225 - 237, volume 203, year 2010


read article: Sonja Vordermaier/ Imaginationsobjekte



 Wiebke Gronemeyer

"Momente im Vorbeigehen"

published in the catalogue " Sonja Vordermaier - Schlafwandler", Textem publisher, 2011 ISBN 978-3-941613-71-3


Peter Funken
"Sonja Vordermaiers Sculpture `Shadow 2´, as a hybrid work of art in the border zone of the Intangible", published in "Sonja Vordermaier - Schatten 2", Salon publisher 2008 ISBN 978-3-89770-302-2

» www.salon-verlag.de



Stefanie Müller

published in the catalogue  „Sonja Vordermaier - Hector Kunstpreis 2006“, Kunsthalle Mannheim, Revolver publisher 2007  ISBN 978-3-86588-381-0

» www.revolververlag.de